Xiaomi introduces Smart glasses, calling without a phone and clicking photos

Xiaomi Smart glasses

Xiaomi unveils a new smart product concept. The new gadget is a smart glass that offers various features like calling, navigation, and even a camera for live translation and taking photos. According to the Chinese tech giant’s spokesman, the brand has no plans to sell these smart glasses right now. But sharing the video indicates its specifications that it may soon be visible in the smart glass market.

What will be special in smart glass?

Smart glasses support a relatively convertible design but come with monochrome microLED displays with AR features. Compared to OLED, the brand opted for this display technology because of its higher pixel density.

What did Xiaomi say?

In addition, Xiaomi said the microLED display “allows more compact displays as well as easier screen integration.” According to the company’s video teaser, smart glasses will be quite handy. This includes live translation, real-time navigation, notifications on display, and other useful functions.

Camera to be strong

In particular, smart glasses can work without smartphones and is free because it is an Android device. It sports an unknown quad-core arm processor, which has WiFi, Bluetooth, a battery, and a 5-megapixel camera. It weighs only 51 grams.

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