Russia imposes fine on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram


The social media platform is in a state of regulations. Social media platforms around the world are being viewed with suspicion about security. The government of India recently clashed with Twitter. After India, social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram have now been fined heavily in Russia. A Russian court on Tuesday said it has imposed penalties on US media companies Facebook and Twitter and messaging app Telegram for not removing illegal content.-

The Tagansky district court said Facebook has been fined a total of Rs 2.1 crore ruble (about Rs 2.12 crore) in five cases, while Twitter will have to pay a total fine of Rs 50 lakh ruble (about Rs 50.49 lakh) in two cases. The court also imposed a fine of 90 lakh rubles (about Rs 90.88 lakh) on messaging app Telegram. Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram are yet to respond to the matter. Russia has taken strong steps towards internet control, making it mandatory for foreign internet companies to open full-time offices in their country. Companies will have to collect data related to Russian nationals in their area itself.

Yesterday, on September 14, South Korea’s antitrust regulator imposed a heavy penalty on Google. According to the report, the giant Has decided to impose a fine of 207.4 billion won ($17.68 million) on giant Google for alleged misuse of market dominance in mobile operating systems and app markets. In Indian currency, the amount is equivalent to about Rs 13.02 billion. Google has objected to this and said it will challenge the fine. Google has accused South Korea of defamation.

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