Portronics launches 40W speaker in India

Portronics Dash Speaker

Portronics has added a member to its Bluetooth speaker range with the launch of “Dash Speaker”. The specialty of “Dash Speaker” is that it comes with USB and 3.5mm ox connectivity. It also has the support of wireless karaoke mikes. Also, this speaker has a built-in audio recording feature. The speaker has been specially introduced for party lovers.

The dash speaker has a lithium battery of 4400mAh which is claimed to be a 5-6 hour playback. The output of this speaker is 40W and has Bluetooth for connectivity. The Portronics Dash is available in 3 attractive colors Black, Grey, and Blue at a price of Rs 7,499. It is also getting a 12-month warranty.

Features of Portronics Dash Speaker

  • Heavy bass with 40W sound output
  • TW Enabled: Two dash speakers can be added together for better sound output.
  • Wireless Karaoke Mike: This is the best feature for you if you are fond of songs.
  • Digital Display: It has a user-friendly digital display.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support for connectivity
  • Dash Speaker has an inbuilt radio FM connectivity.

Just a few days ago, Portronics introduced the Chime Speaker, which comes with wired karaoke mike. It is accompanied by a claim of high-quality audio. The Portronics Chime Bluetooth speaker contains the sound output of the 10Wx2. An immersive 360-degree sound has been claimed for its sound.

The most important thing about the Potronics Chime Speaker is that it has a large battery of 3000mAh with a playtime of about 7-8 hours. The total capacity of this speaker is 20 Watts. In addition, heavy bass is also claimed.

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