Instagram stopped working, #InstagramDown started trending on Twitter


How important social media is to people today and how it is an integral part of their lives is not hidden from anyone. Whenever we talk about social media, Instagram is one of the first social networking sites that come to our minds. Instagram, the world’s most famous and popular photo and video sharing platform, suddenly shut down this afternoon. Let’s know why, where it happened and how Facebook, the owner of Instagram, reacted to it…

About three or four hours ago, at about 12.15 p.m., many users in India were unable to run their Instagram accounts. Downdetector, the couple who take care of the internet outage, revealed that Instagram has suddenly crashed and many users are unable to do the app properly.

According to the downdetector, Instagram has been down in many places in the world but this problem has been mainly faced by Indian consumers. Instagram suddenly stopped working in many Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. Downdetector says about 3000 outage reports were seen on his website from different parts of India at around 12.30 pm after which the platform confirmed the problem at its own level.

What was the problem on Instagram?

Within a short time of Instagram not working, users started registering the problem on Twitter and downdetector’s forum. These complaints show that Instagram was not refreshing, direct messages, DM was not working properly, app errors were showing when they searched profiles, and reels were not running.

The cause of the outage is yet to be ascertained and the company Facebook has not made any statement or comment on it at the moment. Facebook has not yet accepted the problem, but it is speculated that Facebook will soon investigate and address the problem through public communication channels and explain the reasons and solve the problem.

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