September 16, 2014

About is a one stop resource for EMS professionals that utilize Android phones to assist them in their duties. I created this site to help put the power of mobile technology into the hands of the people caring for the ill and injured.

The number of useful applications and tools that are available continue to increase as Android phones grow in popularity. Using smart phones in the field opens up the power of the internet allowing medical providers to have quick and easy access to limitless amounts of information.

When I first bought my Droid, I started doing searches for EMS related apps only to find a couple. A bit disappointed, I pretty much gave up on the idea. After some time I started to realize that are many applications that may not be designed for EMS providers but can certainly be of great use in the field. I also realized that the phones have built-in features that can be extremely handy to EMS professionals. Having already been blogging about EMS related topics on for some time, I decided to start sharing my experience and knowledge of the Android platform with the readers of my blog.

I have found that many EMS professionals have Android phones and want to use it’s capabilities to the fullest extent in order to provide the best patient care that they can. It is for this reason that I decided to create a new site to specifically address the needs of the people working the streets that chose to harness the power of mobile technology.

About the author:

My name is Sean Eddy. I am a licensed paramedic that currently works and resides in Southern California. I have been working in EMS for over 8 years and currently work in a rather busy 911 system.

I have a lot of passion for our line of work. I enjoy writing and sharing any knowledge that I have with fellow EMS professionals. Likewise I am always trying to better myself as a paramedic and welcome any information or advice that you may have.

In my off-time I enjoy spending quality time with my family, watching my kids grow and working on my many hobbies. I have a huge passion for music. I play drums, guitar and I sing. I also enjoy the outdoors. I love shooting, fishing and pretty much anything that gets me out of the house. Did I mention that I love shooting?

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  • Frank Zanka

    Sean, we have just launched the Android version of the EMS documentation system “FieldSaver”. In use using the Windows Mobile OS for the past 8 years, we support 37 city and municipal fire departments (nearly all of San Diego) across 7 states.  We are now going “live” in San Diego with our Android version upgrade with departments using Samsung Smartphones to collect pre-hospital patient care data. Our system uses Cloud services connecting our native mobile app to an MS-SQL database (secure and HIPAA compliant) for ePCR documentation and reporting. We are revamping our website (after many years now) and would invite all inquiries from those interested in an Android OS EMS documentation system.

  • SetMedic1

    Have you left Cali Eddy? Tx or SBCo? What are we gonna do?

    • Sean Eddy

      Not yet, the people of Southern California won’t be safe until I leave in a couple months :)

  • Andrew Hooks

    Its people like you medicine needs.

  • Brent Gaskey


    Fist of all thanks for all the great info. 

    I’m in charge of our current MDT’s on our apparatus and have tried to do some innovative things to keep the astronomical costs down of “emergency service” rated hardware. Lately I have been looking into going to an Android tablet for our PCR’s (we are a transporting fire agency -ALS-). We are currently on paper PCR’s because Firehouse electronic PCR’s are a complete PITA.Do you know of anyone coming out with a full fledged EMS charting program for Android? We are currently tied in very closely with Firehouse Software for all of our RMS, but if there was an alternative that we could find that would meet our needs, I think I could get the hire-ups to make a change. Firehouse seems only interested in developing for the iPad – of which I want no part of – and have only made a fire inspection app so far.

    If you have any info on this, please let me know and thanks again for the great site.

    FF/EMT Brent Gaskey 
    Lebanon Fire District