September 17, 2014

A $100 Galaxy Nexus! Oh, Wait……

Being the impatient, “must-have-the-latest-technology” kind of guy that I am, I was thrilled to see the Galaxy Nexus pop up for 100 dollars at Amazon. Deals like that are nice being that I also wear the “don’t-have-enough-money-to-support-my-hobbies” hat. Unfortunately, I won’t be purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Nexus anytime soon being the fine print that I failed to read specified that the deal only applies to new Verizon customers. I didn’t catch this until it was time to check-out.

Hey that looks like a good deal!


Oh, Wait……

I really liked my Droid-X when I bought it, but I’m really becoming frustrated with it. I’m actually starting to think that Motorola phones aren’t for me. It’s become slow, buggy and generally unstable, which is no good for as much as I like to use my phone in the field. I’m assuming that the problems I’m having are directly related to the fact that the Android OS has updated several times since the release of the Droid-X and it simply can’t keep up anymore.

The Nexus series is very attractive to me for the simple reason that they are, well, simple. No bloatware, no BS, just good ole Google Android. When I need to access information in a timely manner, I can’t be waiting for my apps to catch up. There is nothing more annoying than my phone essentially doing nothing while I wait to search for something or do something important, like call a base hospital. Unfortunately, it seems like this is happening more and more with the X.

If you don’t have Verizon and you want to make a switch, you can still grab this deal from Amazon. As for me, I’ll be slumming it with my Droid-X until next December.

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  • Ambulancejunkie

    I’m looking forward to this phone, sadly have to wait for it to get to sprint. With no exact date set I’m nursing the phone I got till that day gets here.

  • Adthomas82

    Looked into using a tablet? I rooted my nook… Tossed on android 3.0… Added all necessary apps and documents and it runs smoothly in the field and its 3 inches larger then my phone

    • Adthomas82

      Obviously I didn’t read your post about the acer. Now I have