September 17, 2014

Android EMS – Free E-Book

If you haven’t downloaded my E-Book…..well you should.

In this short guide I go over steps towards transforming your phone into your personal EMS assistant. It contains easy-to-understand steps with pictures and examples. There is absolutely no reason why any EMS professional should go without unleashing the power of mobile technology.

Here are some examples of topics covered in the book:

  • List of recommended 3rd party applications.
  • Adding local protocols to your home screen.
  • Custom contact folders for important phone numbers.
  • Using existing features in the Android operating system to your benefit.
  • Much more!


About Sean Eddy

I'm a paramedic in North Texas. I have been working in EMS for over 10 years now. I enjoy the outdoors, music, shooting, computers and fitness. I currently run, and . You can e-mail me at